Sheri Avera is an Intuitive Consultant & Manifesting Coach. She is a certified Reiki worker, a certified IET® worker, and a certified Psychic Medium and has studied the Universal Laws, the Power of the Mind, nutrition and other human behaviors that helps her to guide each individual on their path. She has developed her own unique style of energy work due to her many abilities and knowledge and helps each person through an intuitive sense that is customized specifically for the individual. Sheri has studied the powers of creating for most of her life which started as a young age with her father. As she has grown she has continued her studies using herself as the quinea pig. She has witnessed first hand the power of the mind and the abilitly to create a wonderful life. She helps others by empowering them to do the same. She may use several modalities on order to help you to acheive your desired creation.

With energy work, Sheri may use crystals, crystal bowls and essential oils along with other modalities in order to help the body, mind & spirit balance together in harmony.  Using her knowledge in many forms of holistic and spiritual health, Sheri helps guide people to a happier and healther lifestyle of their choosing. From a very young age, and with her parents guidance,  knowledge and coaching she has been practicing her gifts for more than forty years.  Sheri now has dedicated herself to her passion full time so that she can share her gifts with as many people as possible. She uses a spiritual/holistic approach to helping each individual for their highest and best and is always based in love and positivity.

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Venice, fl & folsom, ca WHEN AVAILABLE


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A Touch of Heaven's Story